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This program is a flash video downloader for Windows
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Flash Video Download is a flash video downloader for Windows. It isn't one of those downloaders that asks you to paste a video URL for it to download a video. Instead, the application looks in the cache folder of your web browsers to find .FLV files that have been played recently to find the videos that you want to download.

Flash Video Download supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, but it has a feature that searches for files in the C: drive, which, in theory, should allow you to use any web browser. This feature renders the process slow, since it has to search on the whole drive instead of a predetermined cache folder. Also, you can choose the type of video file that you want the application to look for, and this suggests that you can use this to download videos from websites that use other types of streaming to show their videos.

In my testing, the application successfully downloaded the video that I was watching in Internet Explorer. But it never told me the name of the file or its size or duration, so I couldn't know if the file was the right one until I watched it. The user interface isn't very intuitive and the application constantly launched websites and closed itself during the time I spent with it.

José Fernández
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  • It works


  • Bad design
  • It launches web pages at will and sometimes it exits
  • No way to tell if the video you are saving is the one you want
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